Here is where you can find all the books I’ve written and published thus far, in no real discernible order.

Standalone Novels

These are stories contained in their own world, and may be revisited for a sequel in the future!

Hidden Lake

In rural Montana, a pack of wolf shifters thrive in this idyllic small town.

Caer Tarw

Minotaurs are in rut soon, and the Council is bringing the most eligible (and single) to help with the problem.


Cursed for thousands of years, the only cure for these wolves? True love.

Unit Alpha

A squad of elite mercenaries, and the men who love them…

Elysian Heights

Step into the world where the normal and the paranormal walk hand-in-hand, and love may just be where you least expect it…

Blanchard Coven

Vampires rule and protect the city. Thankfully, they rule with their heart–and their hearts are saved for their mates.