Blanchard Coven

Vampires rule and protect the city. Thankfully, they rule with their heart–and their hearts are saved for their mates.

Warmth of His Light

When Eos Hawthorne went to meet a friend one evening, he never expected his entire life to change. As if stumbling across a group of men fighting in an abandoned lot by his home wasn’t shocking enough—one of those men suddenly attacks him…with fangs and claws. Vampire coven leader Julien Blanchard is having a bad … Continue reading Warmth of His Light

Under His Spell

Bennett Landry used to live in a nightmare he thought would go on forever. Battered, broken and abused, the poor young warlock didn’t think that he would ever feel safe again… until the Blanchard coven came and saved him. Elijah Lillegard was always a hopeless romantic, hiding his romance novels and his sweet side away; … Continue reading Under His Spell