Website Update! Answering His Song & Deepest Desire

Hello everyone! Long time no see! 🙂 I’ve been making some progress with the website, but it’s slow-going. I’m a one-woman operation, so please bare with me. ❤

I re-released the second Caer Tarw book, Answering His song, and am releasing a new book. Both are out for Kindle Unlimited! Links down below!

Happy holidays everyone!

Sam Knight had a life that revolved around his work. He was a demon who dedicated himself to the pet project he and his immortal best friends had established after hundreds of years of life in the world: the highly-romantic and exceedingly-beautiful Aurora Vale resort. But now, after many years of solitude, he wanted to finally—finally—not be alone.

Remi Leigh, on the other hand, came to Aurora Vale with the goal of connecting with the man he was seeing. Fortunately—and unfortunately—life had other plans.

When Remi is unexpectedly dumped one fine, snowy evening, he finds himself all alone in a resort made for lovers and couples: single, with ego battered, and pride bruised.

That same, fateful night, however, Sam recognizes Remi as his mate. And one chance encounter at the resort bar might just change everything for the both of them…forever.

Deepest Desire is a low-angst M/M paranormal romance with fated mates, insta-love, and a little bit of holiday magic. It is a standalone story with a large sprinkling of steamy heat perfect for the holidays.


Welcome to Caer Tarw—an idyllic castle and village in beautiful, scenic, rural Ireland. The home of a herd of…Minotaur?

One day, Caer Tarw guest and sparrow shifter Merritt Lang finds himself in a bit of a predicament. Thinking he is alone, he hums a little tune. What he doesn’t know is that there are two minotaur nearby, and for inexplicable reasons, they’re drawn to his voice.

David Finley and Connor Monaghan are minotaur. They’re also best friends and sometimes lovers. Connor is surly and foul-tempered. David is the one who has to keep him grounded. When they hear Merritt’s song, however, the two of them find themselves mesmerized… and almost drown themselves in the process.

Merritt is distraught. Not only has this never happened before, but now he finds himself with the attention of David and Connor who want to understand why his voice affects them, and who also want desire him as their third.

How will the two minotaur answer Merritt’s song?

ANSWERING HIS SONG was first released in 2015, but has been re-edited, reworked, and completely revamped! At its heart is still a soft, fluffy romance set in a paranormal setting with dominant Minotaur, sweet yet naive sparrow shifters, and a lot of heart.

“For this holiday season, my deepest desire is to find my mate.”


Capturing His Heart Now Available; Other News

Hello everyone! Long time no see! 🙂 I’ve been making some progress with the website, but it’s slow-going. I’m a one-woman operation, so please bare with me. ❤

As some of you may know, at the end of January, I received the rights to some of my older books. I read through them with my editor, and I see now why they’ve been received well, but also criticized for poor editing and awkward writing.

My writing from back then and my writing now is significantly different: improving grammatically, but also taking much more time to flow out now because I’ve learned to edit myself while I write.

I’m pleased to say that Capturing His Heart is AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon, and on Kindle Unlimited as well!

I am trying my best to release the second edition of Answering His Song as soon as I possibly can to all of you so that you can enjoy it with better editing, better pacing, additional scenes, as thanks to all of you who have been there with me from when I began this journey as a fresh 22-year-old, and now, as a 29-year-old having gone through a lot of life in that time.

I want to be a better writer for all of you, and it’s taking some time, but I’m getting there.

Thank you for standing with me for all this time. ❤

For more updates, you can find me on my Facebook Group.

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Welcome to Caer Tarw—an idyllic castle and village in beautiful, scenic, rural Ireland. The home of a herd of…Minotaur?

Rabbit shifter Hayden Somerset is bored at home, with nothing to do and having no sense of direction in his life. One day, he is given an invitation he can’t refuse: an all-expenses paid trip to Ireland for three weeks, sponsored by the Supernatural Council.

As soon as he gets to Caer Tarw, he finds the reason for their vacation: mating season is fast approaching, and all the eligible singles were brought over to help the Minotaur find their mates. Hayden is among the lucky ones, finding the irresistible Brian Connelly and Ronan Breckenridge—who are, themselves, lovers—and are Hayden’s mates.

But not all is well in their tiny slice of paradise. Hayden is clueless about Minotaur and knows next to nothing about them. Ronan and Brian are clueless about how to bring their newfound rabbit mate into their world. How exactly will they capture their rabbit’s heart?

Note: This book contains double anal penetration and mpreg.

CAPTURING HIS HEART was first released in 2015, but has been re-edited, reworked, and completely revamped! It is now a 47,411-word story with added chapters and more content. At its heart is still a soft, fluffy romance set in a paranormal setting with dominant Minotaur, submissive yet sassy bunny shifters, and a lot of heart.

Buy it HERE, on Amazon!

Lovelocked (Elysian Heights One) OUT NOW!

Lovelocked is a rerelease of In Lust, In Love. It’s now out on Kindle Unlimited. You can buy it here:

Madison Wyler is a lust demon who’s in over his head as a relationship and sex columnist. Having been stuck in a rut for what seems to be forever, his sister gives him the idea to freshen up by doing what he does best: seducing a man to have sex with him. He meets Nolan Cook, a human male who intrigues him, and he finds his so-called prey for the night.

Nolan is broken, however, having just split with his long-time girlfriend. Madison feels an immediate kinship and a connection with Nolan that is as scary as it is instantaneous, but he finds himself going all in to try and help mend Nolan’s broken heart rather than trying to get into his pants.

Nolan is scared. He doesn’t know if he’ll ever love again, and this strange tie that binds him and Madison is too strong, too quick, and it throws his already off-kilter world even more off balance.

What is this love that locks the both of them together, and can they find the meaning of it together?

Lovelocked was originally released as In Lust, In Love, but it has been rewritten, revised, and given a brand-new cover. It is a paranormal romantic comedy at over 43,296 words complete with a sassy landlady, romantic incubi, a HEA, no cliffhangers, and can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Picking Up The Pieces: Now Released!

I’m Noah Linkletter, and I’m broken.

Shattered, really—and I’ve been trying my best to ignore my problems by chasing temporary highs wherever I can find them. I put my makeup on and dance my way through a club, and by night’s end, I find a man who’s willing to indulge in a little act of sin to help me forget the demons in my own head.

It only takes one moment for my entire world to turn upside down. I’m left bloody and beaten, but even through the haze I meet him.

Farid Hassan.

A man who is strong and intimidating yet calm and patient. A man who wants me, despite my demons. A man so wonderful, he’s willing to help pick me up the pieces.

Maybe he’ll succeed.

Get it on Amazon here.

nobody can say no

I had a conversation with some close friends earlier where it seemed to me that some of what I said may be misconstrued in a lot of different ways. Written communication is something I think I’m good at, but when it comes to actual, verbal, using-my-voice communication? I still think I have a long way to go. 😀

Usually, I like to make it clear when we’re sharing anecdotes or stories that I know that my experiences aren’t universal: they’re personal. I know some of my conclusions and generalizations may be wrong, and I’m glad to have it changed by more people that I meet and more experiences that people share with me.

Whatever I’ve experienced is sure to be different from what other people have, too!

But I’m glad I have such understanding people around me who are willing to listen and understand that I never come from a place of hatred. Annoyance or anger? Sometimes. Hatred? Never.

Hopefully one day I’ll have enough berth of experience to be definitive over whatever I say, but until then, I’m always glad to hear new perspectives; be openminded about the fact that whatever I’ve seen is not necessarily what other people have seen; and to always remember that when it comes to people, it’s always case-by-case basis.